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I'm Rajmund Gáll-Szőllősi, the founder of MONTEEN®. I'm delighted to share our story with you!

In Italy, a dozen data phishers and thieves attempted to steal unsuspecting people's data and money by reading the chips in their bank cards. All it took was a POS terminal worth a few euros.

Honestly, I was shocked when I was personally robbed using this method. They discreetly touched the reading device to my pocket and withdrew money from my card. They initiated several smaller transactions, thereby circumventing the banks' maximum limit for contactless payments.

This prompted me to start thinking about a solution to the problem. We founded MONTEEN with the goal of revolutionizing the market for wallets and cardholders. Our team wanted to create a product that is practical and stylish, yet comfortable and secure. Our product is one of the thinnest wallets in the world, yet also the most durable. We use materials like carbon and brushed aluminum, which block RFID signals, thereby protecting the data on the cards contained within. 💳

When designing MONTEEN® wallets, we placed a strong emphasis on innovation and functionality. In the modern life of the 21st century, people need an item that is easy to handle, yet imparts an elegant appearance. The ultra-thin design allows the wallet to be carried in even the narrowest trouser pocket or the smallest handbag.

Durability was a key consideration during the design process. Materials like carbon and brushed aluminum are extremely resistant to external forces. This means that the wallet will not get damaged or deformed, whether in daily use or during travels.

We also ensured there was a place for cash, allowing for the quickest possible access. The money clip on the wallet can comfortably hold 10-12 banknotes. 💵


"I am maximally satisfied with my Monteen wallet. It's light, compact, and furthermore, it has an elegant appearance. It fits in my pocket alongside my phone, so I no longer need to carry a bag with me. The RFID protection is an extra feature in the product!"

"I found the MONTEEN wallet, and it quickly became my go-to choice because of its compact and high-quality design, as well as its sleek look. My trust and liking for the product have been solid ever since."

"I've often thought that I need a smaller, more compact alternative to my traditional wallet, since I handle most of my payments with my phone and really only need the essential documents and some cash in everyday life. It offers a sophisticated and elegant solution."

"For me, especially during travels, this type of card storage has been a very positive surprise, as I constantly demagnetize my room cards by having my phone too close. This solves that problem, and another very important thing is that it keeps my bank card safe from strangers' hands!"

"It's awesome that it's ultra-thin yet still holds all my IDs and bank cards, and not least importantly, the clip part for cash is secure too!"

Rajmund Fodor

2x Olympic Water Polo Champion

Gábor Hárspataki

Olympic bronze medalist in karate

Benjamin Vadnai

Youth World Champion Sailor

Zoltán Bessenyey "BZ"

European Champion Racing Driver

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